The fundamental premise of living freedom coaching is that we all have many different parts of ourselves, roles, and behaviors that can serve our freedom, health and vitality or limit and block our life force. Living Freedom coaching gives birth to non-existent ways of being, develops underdeveloped aspects of self and helps to modulate the overdevelopment of aspects of self that sabotage. The result is a powerful experience of gaining back lost spontaneity that was submerged in layers of doubt, judgment, criticism, control, shame and excessive analysis.

One way of thinking about Psychotherapy is that it is a deep process of unraveling unconscious belief structures, fleshing out our emotional body and getting freedom from intergenerational wounding that prevents us from living our full potential. Living Freedom coaching has a similar intent and benefit as long term psychotherapy, but is more of an action-based approach in that the client is often moving around old scripts and stories in their psyche through ACTUAL embodiment of vignettes, stories and events in their life.

Our actual lives provide mundane expressions that, as symbols, become powerful stories that we can enter into to explore the immense area of “surplus reality” where we often find large gaps in our ability to be resilient and flexible with our environment due to creative blocks and life-defeating patterns, as well as unconscious beliefs about how to get our needs met. A person can also discover how a conscious belief is not providing for the deeper need that the belief was originally installed for.

Through the process of role training, empathy development, play-acting and theatrical immersion into alternative possibilities to handle situations, the client will discover a wellspring of creativity and self-understanding that will produce results sometimes much faster than psychotherapy. The magic in this work is that deep and profound healing can actually be very fun!

Brian has done formal training in psychotherapy as well as the classical approach to the psychodrama method. Through years of experience as a group facilitator he has evolved Living Freedom Coaching as a synthesis of his skillset in working with groups with his clinical tools as a bodyworker and therapist. His PhD in somatic psychology and mythology at Meridian University will continue to develop this unique approach to multi systemic healing.