Brian Tierney: MA, RCST, CMT – Biography

Brian did much of his formal training at Heartwood Institute in California, where he lived for 3 years. He is a Licensed Massage Therapist, former Yoga Instructor and a psychotherapist in training.

As a Massage Therapist, Brian brings his own subtle experiential understanding of the body to the table. He surrounded himself with many forms of massage and bodywork since his first certification in 1999 and over the years he has seen his practice crystallize into three powerful modalities that he loves.

Biodynamic Craniosacral work has always been a base-note to his work, providing a soothing effect to over-stimulated or traumatized nerves- this approach to the nervous system complements another approach that Brian uses: the Rolf Method of Structural Integration.

Craniosacral work softens the intensity and increases the effectiveness of the Rolf Method, which is a series of ten sessions that are designed to systematically produce dynamic freedom in the body as a whole- Brian has seen this powerful process produce miracles in his clients as barriers to physical and psychological development are surpassed.

Somatic Psychotherapy is a body-inclusive, body-celebratory model of psychological work. Brian is under supervision as a doctoral candidate in this growing field and is seeing families, individuals, and children for psychotherapy at a Medical clinic in Petaluma. His quest towards licensure as a psychologist, together with his experiences as a trainer of bodywork clinicians, is already yielding innovative advanced trainings for craniosacral therapists: Somatic Psychology and the Potency of Psyche will kick off in 2018 in New Zealand, Australia, India, and Singapore.

Brian lives in Northern California and is currently enrolled in ongoing continuing education in the fields of psychology and bodywork, keeping him at the cutting edge of his profession as both a clinician and an educator for the international Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training school called Body Intelligence Training.  Brian continues to develop his own unique body-centered approach to multi systemic therapy where he can integrate all of his modalities, both on and off the table as he proceeds past his MA in Psychology towards getting his PhD in Somatic Psychology at Meridian University in Petaluma.

Brian’s educational and chronological background in the healing arts:

Completed first hands-on Reiki workshops in 1998 and several classes in Traditional Chinese Medicine shortly before completing his undergraduate degree in marketing. Studied Pilates “Contrology” for several years and began Yogic training in 1998.

Attended over 800 hours of training from 2000-2003 in Massage Therapy and adjunct knowledge. Modalities included Swedish Massage, Breema Bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Zen Shiatsu Acupressure, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue, Polarity Therapy, Transformational Breathwork, Hypnotherapy and Body-Mind integration.

Brian taught Yoga, Core Strengthening and Breema Bodywork at Heartwood for 2 years.


Meridian University- Petaluma, CA

Doctoral student in Psychology, with a concentration in Somatic Psychology

Meridian University- Petaluma, CA

Master of Arts in Psychology: 2014


Advanced Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy- Auckland NZ, Santa Cruz CA

  • Preconception metabolics (40 hours): 2012
  • Craniosacral Pediatrics (60 hours): 2010. Trauma renegotiation for infants, children, and adults
  • Advanced Biodynamics (40 hours): 2010. Advanced clinical craniosacral work
  • Foundations of Biodynamics for clinicians (110 hours): 2009

Body Intelligence Training- Auckland, NZ

  • Certified in Craniosacral Biodynamics (700 hours): 2008

Institute for Structural Integration- Miami, FL

  • Certified Advanced Connective Tissue Therapist:2006 
  • Certified in the Rolf method of Structural Integration(600 hours): 2007                                  

 The Milne Institute- Big Sur, CA

  • Completed 4 levels of advanced Craniosacral training (128 hours): 2005

 Harbin Hot Springs- Middletown, CA

  •  Watsu acquatic massage practitioner, level one and two (50 hours): 2004

 Heartwood Institute- Garberville, CA           

  • Diversified bodywork education specializing in Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, and Thai Massage (850 hours): 2003



Bay Area Moreno Institute- Berkeley, CA

  • Continuing professional education in the classical Psychodrama method (80 hours): 2013

Auckland Centre for Psychodrama Training- Auckland, NZ

  • Foundation year in the Psychodrama method (250 hours): 2010

 Psychosynthesis Institute of New Zealand- Auckland, NZ

  • Foundation year in Psychotherapy (309 hours):2009

CG Jung Institute of Chicago: Structural Psychoanalysis

  • Studied extensively Robert Moore’s doctorate-level lecture library on structural psychoanalysis (180 hours):2009


                                   PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS

Interpersonal Neurobiology and Psychodrama- Portland, OR

“Inner Community” training: 2012

Mosaic Multicultural International (Michael Meade) Mendocino, CA

 Creative mentoring for at-risk youth: 2011

Restorative Resources- Santa Rosa, CA

 Training to sit on restorative justice councils for troubled teens: 2012

Tracks Rites of Passage Facilitator Training- Auckland, NZ

  • Co-facilitated Tracks Rites of Passage for young men and Pathways to Manhood for adolescent boys: 2009

The Upledger Institute- St. Petersburg, FL

Certified in Feldenkrais Methodology for the Craniosacral Arts: 2008

 Mankind Project International: Leader in Training

  • Involved in leadership training with Mankind Project since 2006
  • Completed 3 leader trainings, multicultural trainings, and have served on the “Leader in Training” team for Mankind Project in 8 international events
  • Facilitated countless men’s groups and 32 weekend Trainings which involve  communication skills, psychodrama, emotional literacy, conflict management and mythopoetic/hypnotherapeutic induction

Transformational Dance- Bad Sulza, Germany

Transformational dance educator: 2007

Relational Yoga Mandiram- Colorado Springs, CO

Transformational breathing educator: 2003

White Lotus Foundation- Santa Barbara, CA

 Certified Yoga Instructor: 2003

 Center for Hypnotherapy- Oakland, CA

 Certified Hypnotherapist:2003

Some of Brian’s hobbies include:

Authentic Movement/Dance, Yoga, Kayaking, SCUBA diving, Martial Arts (Afro-Brazilian and Chinese), Co-Counseling, psychodrama, Poetry, Soaking in hot springs, Somatic Psychology, Men’s Work, Hiking and World Travel.